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If you are interested in Shorin-Ryu Karate, with it's punches, kicks, blocks, kata, and weapons then you came to the right place. Sensei James H. Coffman, a 7th degree black belt has the knowledge to instruct and teach the finer points of this martial art. With over 50 years of experience and knowledge there are few in the art that knows more. He was taught when personal safety wasn't a concern, when the fights were real and often bare knuckled with no hand or feet protection. He learned the way the Okinawans did because the class had little or no other Americans in them, just the Okinawan students and their teachers. When Sensei Fusei Kise took a class from Sensei Hohan Soken back in the late 1950's early 1960's neither man envisioned what the future would hold for them or their Martial Art.. Out of this early 1960's development came a student who still forges ahead everyday to carry on the training of these two men. One still alive (Fusei Kise) the other passing decades ago.

Sensei James H. Coffman, has for all the years he's been involved tried to covey the style he was taught in the same manner. Perfecting what he was taught and then passing it onto his own students. This art has under gone many changes some GOOD some BAD, it has produced many many students again some Good some Bad. Through it all Sensei Coffman, has tried his best to bring the art he was taught those many years ago.

His dojo is now located at 2361 Braddock Road, Mount Airy, Maryland 21771

The phone number for the new dojo is: 443-293-7806. Call for classes. Dojo hours: Thursday 7:30pm to 9pm,.... Saturday  12 noon to 2Pm......... Sensei James Coffman, has been teaching this style of Okinawan Karate since 1960, he is one of the most knowledgeable teachers in the entire country and he's here in Mount Airy, Maryland, call and set up a time to meet and discuss classes with him. Everyone's reason for studying Karate is different, we all have a desire to be in control, these classes will help you achieve your goals and dreams. Call about the Karate Classes today.

This is Okinawan karate at it's best! Sensei Coffman is one of the top Karate-ka's in the United States with over 50 years of teaching experience, teaching both group lesson, Seminars, weapons instruction as well as private lesson available. All ages from 14 years up to and including students in their 70's. This karate is for all ages. If you are looking for a method to defend yourself this is the place for you, we teach functional karate, not the commercial karate you see advertised on the TV, you will not be jumping over tall buildings or breaking one inch boards, this is real karate as it was taught back in the 1950' & 1960's.
Sensei Coffman's reputation is world wide, known as one of the top karate instructors in the United States, Classes are kept small, no large crowed group instruction.

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